Tsitsikamma National Park

Ok, ok... I know Im going on and on about this Plett business but firstly, I feel no shame in trying to remember a good holiday, especially when I am heading into the dreaded test season at varsity (which started this morning); a girl has got to stay sane somehow! Secondly I really enjoyed playing with the camera that holiday so there are a few creative happy moments in amongst these 'Plett Post' photos and thirdly, this is in fact my blog so I think I can talk about whatever I want to, until the cows come home :)

So, back to the topic at hand; The Tsitsikamma National Forest: home to the start of the Otter Trail and filled with endless trails (hiking and strolling) of astoundingly beautiful scenery and wildlife.

We did two short trails in the day, one of which had to be cut short as the tide was against us and caused a near trapping experience on the wrong side of a whole lot of precariously balanced boulders!

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