Blueberries, Vanilla and Tequila

Friday night/afternoon, I had a T-party to attend so I baked these little beauties - In the most non-boasting way possible: "Are they not just the cutest things you've seen?!?!"

And yes it was a 'T' and not 'tea' party is because T stands for a wonderful Mexican-made/cactus-origin-ed (add that do the dictionary) beverage - you got it: Tequila! (pronounced in a high-pitched leeetle mehico accent)

It happens on one Friday of every month - without fail - and involves about 12 girls, lots of tequila and of course baked goods galore... lets just leave it at "Girly Heaven" :)

There is however a little saying (in true cliché fashion) that "what happens at tequila club, stays at tequila club" and so this quaint picture of some dainty cupcakes will have to do to curb your curiosity!


The First One...

This right here is the first post of Oblique and Blissful...

It seems like I cannot get away from this post either being all lame and introductory or seeming completely random so I have decided to go for something in between, because really the best way to introduce myself is simply to start blogging about the things I like, the things I do and the things I make... along with the thoughts - (both crazy and meaningful) that are bubbling around in my mind.

So one of the things this blog is for is to have a place to put down my creative ideas and projects; and through doing that keep me accountable to my creative side... something that seems to hide under a rock that looks scarily similar to life/studying

One new exploration is photography: my boyfriend Curtis and I have a very nice little (but not so little) camera and the learning and messing about is just beginning, so far this is one photo I am quite proud of!

We spent a Sunday afternoon strolling around the block and getting up close and personal with the grass, some houses and pretty much anything else that drew our novice photographic eyes in. Lots of fun!
Here is hopefully one of many posts and many happy years of recording and sharing my life !