Wedding Fever

Today is the day that no matter how tom-boy one tries to be, no matter how disinterested one acts regarding the upper-class society of this world... today every girl has, at least for a few minutes, sat with wide eyes glued to the screen (or perhaps you were there on the sidelines hoping for a real-life glimpse) to watch The Royal Wedding.

Today I even took a study break to feed the little girl inside of me (ok that sounds a little freaky but you get my drift) and watch the procession, so rich in history! Yes, yes the dress was stunning and old William looked grand (must be honest I didn't know he was balding quite so much!) but all that tradition and ceremony is what really gets me. Oh to have lived back when that was the norm... *insert dreamy eyes.

PS. I must say that i thoroughly enjoyed the sermon too, not a common occurrence at a lot  of weddings.


Just Beautiful

This is truly incredible - Im not sure what to be more impressed by: the breath-taking scenes or the skill it takes to capture them; either way this is worth the loading time!

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.



The hike was fantastic!

Two days of lovely daytime hiking weather, great company, a very fun very make-shift foofie-slide (or zipline if I must) over  a very flooded Hennops river, one very resourceful dinner (braaing in an uncovered braai in the pouring rain is not so easy), playing the Dutch 'bean trading' card game Boonanza (don't judge it before you've played it) and one night of very resourceful tequila shots...

Just perfect!
Oh and we saw Qwagga! for real... well at least they were 100% some version of horse/donkey with definitively zebra like legs and rears!


Curtis and I spent an afternoon soaking up the late afternoon sun and taking some "Max Wanger inspired/with a newbie photography twist' photos:

aka they worked out well (in my opinion at least) with only some 'starting out' knowledge, a lot of 'winging' it and some delightful help from good old mother nature...