Because I just can't get enough

I made an orange segment, fresh rocket (from the garden) and crushed cashew salad for lunch...

and spent the rest of the day finishing up assignments and finally getting around to stringing up some jewelry (hopefully more on this soon!)

all while listeneing to Sydney Wayser's album 'Bell Choir Coast' on repeat


Citrus Season

One thing that no South African can deny is we have flipping amazing citrus fruit in winter!

I've been loving grapefruit with a sprinkle of sugar for breakfast,

 freshly squeezed orange juice with lunch,

a naartjie or five throughout the day,

 and throw some hot lemon water in there for after dinner... bliss!



This is what we spent the weekend doing - soaking up the last summer rays in the best possible way.

Swimming in mountain pools, hiking, lazing about in the sun and eating good food.