Nesting with Porky

This is called Audrey Hesca, I don't know why. Its by Porky Hefer and I love it!

Apparently Hefer "strives to produce work that elicits a smile and sticks in your head" - and he as definitely achieved that with this piece.

Do yourself a favour and get to the Southern Guild 2012 exhibition at the Everard Read Gallery asap (because it is so inspiring but also it ends next weekend)

This was a stand out design for me but I could have posted several more which near blew my mind with their exqusiite, quirky, different and straight up beautiful design!

Find out more about the Southern Guild 2012 here and the Everard Read Gallery here.


Pear Clafoutis

My opinion on the humble pear is this:

 a raw pear when eaten at the opportune moment is a glorious thing! However that glorious moment occurs for about one hour in each pear's entire existence!
So what do we do? We cook them, because they are always delicious when cooked!

I made this pear clafoutis a few weeks ago when I had some friends over for dinner, the cold evening definitely called for a warm pudding and I had a bag of pears that didn't seem to want me to experience their raw glory!

I just made a simple vanilla cake batter, but added some orange zest and ground almonds.

There is a slight nip in the air today and I would not say no to a nice warm slice of this!


Spring has sprung

The blossoms are popping up on our plum tree - and all over the city I might add - and it is definitely helping to bring back the sunny disposition of the country!

Spring is beginning to show its face at just the right time - I think it is safe to say that the general mood of South Africa can only handle so much cold weather!


Sprouted Kitchen and excuses

Woopeee - Sprouted Kitchen - a blog I have lusted over for years, filled with beautiful food photography and delicious recipes has released (well almost released - 28 August) a recipe book! 

and it looks like it going to be divine…

Check it out here

In other news: I am back… Not as if I have physically been away somewhere (I wish) but back here. A combination of back to studies blues, car issues, general mopey-ness and the cold winter had left me uninspired and uninterested.

Now having started a new (and very exciting) class in the evenings, being back at pottery and decidedly having had enough of the blues - I am feeling much better.

So here is to [holding thumbs for] lots of exciting and happy things for the rest of the year!