Off to the Horn of Africa

After lots of planning and the odd hiccup, in a few hours Curtis and I will be off to the mystical and intriguing land of Ethiopia...

Three and a half weeks of local buses, plenty of walking and I'm sure some 'once in a lifetime' experiences are ahead of us!

That also means that there will be no posts for a while, but there will be an abundance upon my return :)


Ummm, a bike... yes please!?!

Lucky Pony is having probably the one of the biggest giveaways I've ever seen! Im actually kind of waiting for it to all turn into some kind of sick joke, and crossing my fingers, toes and other various body parts that can be crossed, hoping that its not...

All you have to do is leave a comment here and then join the ranks of people tangling themselves up :) Also do yourself a favour and check out Starling & Hero, they are mother-frikkin good at what they do!

Markets Markets Markets

At this time of year specifically, loads of little christmas markets creep out of every corner and suddenly on one Saturday there is an overwhelming lot to choose from! If this was some super established blog or just a different  kind of blog, I would go on to list my "Top 10 Favourite Christmas Markets" or write a "How to find the best buys during the Christmas Craziness"...

Instead, I will tell you about my one favourite, year-long running market. It has no designer labels, and no plethora of delicious organic food but is the best in its simplicity and truthful nature: The Boeremark in Silverton, Pretoria.

Full of home style rusks and bread, locally grown fresh produce, fresh flowers (including the 'protea guy' who always has an amazing selection of fresh proteas), old farm-style brewed coffee and the list goes on.

We try and go a twice month, and more often than not we succeed! Here is a peek into the Boeremark from 2011:


Boys and a Bubble Machine

I couldn't resist putting up these photo's Curtis took of his nephew and brother...
Yes 25yr old Curtis has a 3yr old brother: thats giving laatlammetjie a whole new meaning!


Holiday Pastimes

One of those glorious things that I doubt I will ever get tired of is the three month holiday at the end of every year - a definite perk in the life of a student!

I've been spending my time excitedly planning for our trip to Ethiopia (which includes an unforgiving amount of vaccinations). We leave on Monday - are going north of Addis Ababa and then south, in just under a month, and thats about the extent of the itinerary as it stands :)

Besides stocking up on Rehydrate, 'just in case' antibiotics and some new walking shoes, I have been making some new jewelry - more on that soon, drawing for the Portrait Project  that Lucky Pony is running, enjoying early Christmas celebrations with Curt's family, who will be all over the country closer to the time, going to the my favourite Saturday morning spot - the Boeremark, and spending lazy mornings in bed.

Oh, and if it was not evident I haven't been spending a lot of time with the camera... oops!


Must Love Coffee

If I find myself in the situation of being single, and I decide that putting a 'looking for love' ad in the paper would be  good idea (if that even happens anymore??), my "must love dogs" line may just be "must love coffee"...
If you have no idea what I am on about, and the movie reference went straight over your head, insert [I really really like good coffee] instead of all of the above!

Alrighty then, so what this post is actually about, you guessed it: coffee!

I do believe that there are very few places in Joburg that make extraordinary coffee! Good coffee - yip there's a few, great coffee - ya I could name some places, but exceptional coffee - very very few!

At the moment I think my 'search' has narrowed down to a toss up between Bean There at 44 Stanley and Post at 70 Juta.


Go visit and let me know what you think, and if you think there are other contenders, who and where are they?? I would love to try them out!

Please note that I am not referring to where the coffee is sourced and its allegiances to fair-trade and so forth, that would and could be a whole other, very interesting search, but rather the skill of the barista in creating heaven in a cup!