Long weekend, please hurry up... PLEASE!

Some friends and I have a two day hiking trip planned for the long weekend, and I cannot wait any longer! Its the only thing getting me through this week of long long, very confusing, therefore slightly disheartening lectures...

The bush is calling my name...

Don't worry bush... I'm coming! Just a few more days now!

Photo from here


The Perfect Monday

Indeed, I would go as far as saying that today was a perfect Monday! What!?! the words "Monday" and "perfect" in the same sentence... She's lost the plot!

But really there is nothing better than falling asleep to the soothing sound of rain, then waking up in the morning with a light patter still outside, that delightful sound carrying you through the day... and then of course coming home to endless cups of tea until all thats left is pretty water droplets on the leaves and petals, a fresh smell in the air, a very content kettle and a crisp evening.

Just perfect...

Oh and my boyfriend is still in Joburg after the weekend, which doesn't hurt knowing there is a cuddly embrace awaiting your return *insert little smile here


Homemade Oreos

After seeing these on Everyday Musings' 'wonderful and always full of delicious things to attempt in the kitchen'  blog, with the original recipe from here, I had no choice but to make my own batch asap!
I made a special note to put the suggested sea salt on the icing as I am more than intrigued to see how this changes the experience of a homemade oreo... but then promptly forgot about the whole thing and ended up with the non-salted kind - which, in any case, were truly and tremendously delicious!

Here is what mine looked like:

And here is the original:
You choose?? But the homemade version definitely tops my list (of course there is no bias involved)
Oreo's image found here.

One to tick off

There are some things in life you just have to do... this is one of mine and this specific idea has been mulling around in my mind for about 4 years now - hence it was time to just do it!

And wow was it exhilarating! The realistic, right after the event, photo is below - including the plasma/tiny bit of blood etc, just so there is proof that this is no 'permanent marker/see how it feels until it washes off' vibe...

Also - as a first time tattooee  it was not nearly as painful as I was expecting, and the immediate "I want to go and get another one...now" feeling also turns out to be true! for me at least. I have been dreaming up ideas to expand it for almost a week! (I say almost because I have only had it since last Wednesday)
PS. thats my right ankle, the photo is a little cryptic.

Once - Read Art

This guy truly is inspiring -the delicate and intricate detail that Brian Dettmer creates by slowly unveiling layers of old, rapidly outdating books is mind-blowing! The depth in each story seems never ending!

I have only shown you a few of these beauties but it is so easy and well worth it to get lost in them here, I wanna try make one... you? Ok, ok... I agree - a little ambitious!
All images found here.