Night of 1000 Drawings 2011

Now if you looking for a different and much more entertaining way to be charitable other than eating KFC or buying cans*... look no further :) 

Night of 1000 Drawings is an awesome campaign that was started around 5 years ago to hopefully replace one stolen bakkie and has grown and grown since... It is a one night event where anyone from  "school children, homeless persons, designers, artists, art enthusiasts, to aspiring scribblers and the general public" submit a "doodle" which has to, under all circumstances, fit into the brief of "draw anything with anything on anything A5".

How rad?! Last year some friends and I got together, spent an evening having our own doodle party and then we submitted our A5 works of art - it was so much fun and it was also really exciting seeing your art pegged up on the evening along with everyone from a 5 year old kid to William Kentridge himself (ok not literally the man but his inspired art).

It is definitely worth participating in! And the evening is a bash too - DJs, bands,  live 'doodle-offs' and the chance to pick up some beautiful little art works for your house for only R100 regardless of who they were done by :) and all the money raised goes to a variety of NGO's including Paballo ya Batho...

Whats not to like!
This is Curtis and I at the last event:

*Please note that I am not in any way bashing any form of charitable cause whatsoever, only stating that I would rather do a doodle and then buy a few other doodles over eating take aways and drinking fizzies) 

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