Lettuce Turnip the Beet

Yes please! Neighbourgoods Market is setting up shop (market) in Braamfontein! As in the Old Biscuit Mill Joburg style...
Pretty amped to check it out, launch day is on 10 Sept and I think delicious will be a pretty good summary of what is to be expected!

Also quite enjoy those veggie puns  :)


Some coffee with your house?

Ages and ages ago, Angie of Lucky Pony, posted about this brilliantly cute and somewhat over the top idea... and so over half a year later, knowing it was sitting in my 'Recipes' bookmarks folder, I tried and succeeded in making coffee-cup gingerbread houses!

Yes they are delicious and yes they make it a little tricky to actually drink your coffee without getting a face full ginger delight and yes you should make some because they are awesome!

Recipe from here

PS. I landed up with ginger cookie dough for days, so unless you plan on making houses en masse, perhaps half alles.


More of Plett

As I mentioned in the last Plett post we did some beautiful hikes in and around the Plettenberg Bay area - one of those was the Knysna Forests, the Diepwalle Forest to be precise. We did one of the three Elephant Trails:

Surrounded by over 40m high trees, sparkling light winking through interesting bushes, mossy logs and family to laugh with it was, i think we can safely say, a pretty darn good day!


No-More-Converse Woes

In one of those unfortunate events that happen from time to time, my All Stars were taken without permission and have found a new owner...

They are somewhere in Pretoria and I hope they are happy!


Plett, glorious Plett

In the varsity break (about 3 weeks ago now), friends leant us their holiday house in Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape and we couldn't have been more blessed! It was a magnificent house, we had unimaginably great weather (considering it was the middle of winter), a much needed break and time to hang out with family, especially my eldest sister who was freshly back from Oxford...

We spent time lazing in the sun, baking bread, cooking from the array of recipe books that were there (it is in fact rather embarrassing how excited my sister Abi and I got over some glossy pages), going to local markets, taking long long walks on the beach and even watching whales from the balcony as they played in the sunlight!

We also discovered the natural beauty of that side of the South African coast, which up till now I hadn't explored much. A few posts to follow on some must see places!


Yes... yes it has been a while

It has been, what feels like, a lifetime since I last posted...
So to follow will be some catch up posts of what I've been up to for the last while :)

Here is a few snaps of a wintery picnic I had with the girls before and a little after (Holly) everyone set sail for their adventures:

Jenni has trekked off to Thailand so impart some of her knowledge of the English language onto some Thai young ones, Laura has gone back to the good old Cape to finish off her degree and Lynsey has stuck around - thank goodness otherwise it would be a lonely me! and Holly is currently running around Spain, after just getting back from Italy, all this in between serving canapes to Judi Dench and Ewan McGregor (!!!) and doing other odd things to fund her belated gap year.

There is nothing quite like good friends!