My Soulmate

Curtis, you may have to take second place, but at least it is someone you know dearly so maybe you won't mind...

Ode to t
"Never did one letter bring fourth so much joy.
I am a lonely soldier plucked from his wandering into the presence of gods.
oh this thing, this distilled comfort, a shared smile
oh rapture, thy name is tea!” - Matt Molteno

Thanks to this lady who shares my passion and has so beautifully turned that into a career, I came across this poem... couldn't have explained it better myself! Go check the site of Lady Bonin's Tea Parlour. Its quite delightful really.

Photos from here and Lady Bonin found via here.


Bushfire 2011 - Maksimam Respect

This post is long long overdue but always better late then never...
Had one of the best weekends in a long time at the end of May in none other than the beautiful country within a country of Swaziland!

Abi, Thabs, the Lover and I all headed out in Big Blue (affectionate name we have for my moms - how should I say - "tired" looking Toyota Condor) and after a picnic on the lawn of a house in 'Random Small Town Name That I Cant Remember', a very smooth border crossing (and for the record - best southern african border toilets I have ever used) and a bumpy potholed drive (whats any road trip in Africa without that thrown in the mix?!) we arrived at the venue of the Bushfire festival - House on Fire!

Words cannot describe the total and utter radness of the venue, the music!!! and the non-stop vibe... picture a perpetual carpet of Swazi Gold, only brief moments between making new friends, smells and sounds and incredible artists; highlights definitely go to local flavour: Tidal Waves - big up big up, Zimbabwean legend: Oliver Mtukudzi and the breath of fresh air: Tonik (another post on Tonik to follow)!

In conclusion: 25 - 27 May, 2012 anyone??