Wedding Fever

This last weekend was the second wedding of the month for Curtis and I...

The first was a full on two day African celebration with 300 people, Curtis was (as always) a charmer as the best man; wedding was complete with 'pre-drinks' for day two at a Soweto shebeen.

The second was a delightful and small Afrikaans affair with sokkie'ing galore; 70 people at the perfectly simple Imperfect Perfection in Pretoria.

What would the month of love be without a double-whammy of weddings eh?!?
Mzi & Lydia and JP & Melissa - it was so special to celebrate with you!



"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable" 
 - Mary Oliver, poet


Oh Dear and Miss Monroe

I have been all over the place with the start of the new studying year...

This should change, two weeks in and things are somewhat more settled, or at least getting there!

Went to see My Week with Marilyn last night - Michelle Williams is absolutely exquisite - she is miles away from the good old days of Jen in Dawson's Creek!



Orange Water & Butter Syrup Pancakes

Yip - for lunch, not breakfast - YUM!

and fill up the rest of the day with reading Alice in Wonderland, painting ceramics and drinking tea...
I don't want the holidays to end just yet!


Kaaaaap Stad

This was the first time I noticed just how beautiful Cape Town is... wish I could deny it, but hot damn!
To live in a city and still be in amongst such natural wonder would make me happy!

We went wondering Long Street, lunching at Royale, coffee-ing in Kalk Bay, wondering in awe at how Muizenberg pretty much is a town full of my dream house, hilarious afternoons of lifting big mamas (packets of potatoes and all) out of stuck trains and walking along the tracks to safety, long hikes in Silvermine and swimming in Rooibos coloured reservoirs, climbing down Lions Head way after sunset with only a quarter moon, mixed relaxed potluck dinners and some Pneumatic Orchestra jiving... all in all a wonderful week spent with some of our best friends!

Karoo Peruse

Last weekend was spent exploring a part of South Africa that has never entered too far into my radar - the Karoo.

A drive down to Cape Town became a lazy road trip, with a stay over at the beautiful New Holme Guest Farm in between Hanover and Colesberg... a quiet and loved farm, with a gentle owner and a playful family of 3 daughters, 3 hippos and more than half a dozen new foals, in amongst sheep and two sweet jack russells (not usually a dog a find myself drawn too) and baby sparrows galore.

After half a day of swimming and exploring, a divine dinner and a peaceful night - all I left knowing was that the Karoo with its vast flat expanses, quiet nature and plethora of wildlife is somewhere I could definitely spend some more time! 

Although it must be said that without a pool, or at least a reservoir nearby, the heat would not go unnoticed...