Picnic Ceramics is Coming SOON

Again it has been a while since I was here, and probably should give a point form catch up like I did in my last post - 3 months ago! Eek

But I'm not going to do that… instead I am going to tell you to get excited - as excited as I am (although that might not be possible) for the launch of Picnic Ceramics!

Some of you may remember this page and may have seen or even own a piece of jewelry which you probably picked out from a pile of pieces lying between my engineering books and some other weird and wonderful project I had going on…

Well Picnic Ceramics has been rebranded and I am over the moon to be making it an 'official' reality in the form of an online shop that will be launching soon!

And you can also look forward to updates and more from me on this little blog -  for real this time - I promise!

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