Last week was our mid-semester break and after a short but wonderful visit with Curt's family in Durban we spent 3 nights in the Drakensberg, camping at Mahai.

It was too beautiful!

The only time I had been in the Berg before was on a Primary School camp… not the best time to appreciate one's environment. I cant believe I waited this long to see it again!
We had one day of mist and non-stop light rain but still had the best time meeting furry friends right by the tent and drinking freshly pressed coffee.

Our friends joined us for the rest of our days there and we spent our time hiking in the sunshine, and lazing about the campsite (along with a very interesting and pretty old German couple who had a mobile home to be proud of!) which sits right in between the mountains.

We are already talking about our next trip there!


  1. Your pics are amazing! I love the Drakensberg so much, it's just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Megan! It really is the most beautiful.
      Just checked out SFL - congratulations on getting engaged!!