Beetroot Velvet

Beetroot Velvet - it kinda has a ring to it right?!?

Yes, everybody loves a good red velvet cupcake, and yes they are very pretty and boldly red and and and...
but the thought of just how much red food colouring goes into them was becoming too much to handle. I had heard about people using beetroot juice instead so when recently boiling some beetroot, as one does, I kept that bright reddy purple liquid and saved it for a rainy day...

Enter the Beetroot Velvet Cupcake  (aka. Red Velvet Cupcake au naturel)... I followed this recipe and man were they goood! Smothered in traditional cream cheese icing with a raspberry on top for a fresh burst and there you have it.

Also: its exam time and that means... its "put lots of extra effort into baking" time AND neglect blog time.

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