Oh the majestic land of Ethiopia: Part 1

Warning: this a photo-heavy post and may take time to load, but its worth it!

This post has taken far too long to put together but its flippin hard to cover nearly a month of travel in one post and not overburden your computer with long loading times etcetera etcetera! So I have chosen some of my favourite photos from the trip, ones that made the best attempt of capturing some beautiful moments in time.

From crazy Addis Ababa, the island monasteries on Lake Tana, the Blue Nile Falls, the Castles of Gondar, the stelae fields and underground tombs of Axum, rock hewn churches of Lalibela, and trekking in the Bale Mountains, jerky bus rides, breezy tuk-tuks and long walks - Ethiopia is without a doubt a place that has to be visited, it is like nothing you would expect and so rewarding in its unknown history and unique culture!

Ok I'm done sounding like a travel magazine, here is a bit of Ethiopia in 2011, as seen through the eyes of Curtis and myself:

P.S. Curtis has done a sterling job of doing more in depth posts with much better descriptions (him being the one with a gift for words in the relationship) over here.


  1. Even after a 3 hour presentation, this was a lovely read! The photo's are awesome!

  2. Bex... these are some incredible photo's. i love the sun in each picture, esp. the hazy ones in the mountains. where is the photo with blue cracked wall?

    1. Its our room in the Terara Hotel - originally the biggest fanciest hotel in Gondar but then was left to fall apart really, a double room, with lounge area and lovely view for 75 birr (R38!!)