Yes... yes it has been a while

It has been, what feels like, a lifetime since I last posted...
So to follow will be some catch up posts of what I've been up to for the last while :)

Here is a few snaps of a wintery picnic I had with the girls before and a little after (Holly) everyone set sail for their adventures:

Jenni has trekked off to Thailand so impart some of her knowledge of the English language onto some Thai young ones, Laura has gone back to the good old Cape to finish off her degree and Lynsey has stuck around - thank goodness otherwise it would be a lonely me! and Holly is currently running around Spain, after just getting back from Italy, all this in between serving canapes to Judi Dench and Ewan McGregor (!!!) and doing other odd things to fund her belated gap year.

There is nothing quite like good friends!

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