Wedding Fever

Today is the day that no matter how tom-boy one tries to be, no matter how disinterested one acts regarding the upper-class society of this world... today every girl has, at least for a few minutes, sat with wide eyes glued to the screen (or perhaps you were there on the sidelines hoping for a real-life glimpse) to watch The Royal Wedding.

Today I even took a study break to feed the little girl inside of me (ok that sounds a little freaky but you get my drift) and watch the procession, so rich in history! Yes, yes the dress was stunning and old William looked grand (must be honest I didn't know he was balding quite so much!) but all that tradition and ceremony is what really gets me. Oh to have lived back when that was the norm... *insert dreamy eyes.

PS. I must say that i thoroughly enjoyed the sermon too, not a common occurrence at a lot  of weddings.

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