One to tick off

There are some things in life you just have to do... this is one of mine and this specific idea has been mulling around in my mind for about 4 years now - hence it was time to just do it!

And wow was it exhilarating! The realistic, right after the event, photo is below - including the plasma/tiny bit of blood etc, just so there is proof that this is no 'permanent marker/see how it feels until it washes off' vibe...

Also - as a first time tattooee  it was not nearly as painful as I was expecting, and the immediate "I want to go and get another one...now" feeling also turns out to be true! for me at least. I have been dreaming up ideas to expand it for almost a week! (I say almost because I have only had it since last Wednesday)
PS. thats my right ankle, the photo is a little cryptic.

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