Blueberries, Vanilla and Tequila

Friday night/afternoon, I had a T-party to attend so I baked these little beauties - In the most non-boasting way possible: "Are they not just the cutest things you've seen?!?!"

And yes it was a 'T' and not 'tea' party is because T stands for a wonderful Mexican-made/cactus-origin-ed (add that do the dictionary) beverage - you got it: Tequila! (pronounced in a high-pitched leeetle mehico accent)

It happens on one Friday of every month - without fail - and involves about 12 girls, lots of tequila and of course baked goods galore... lets just leave it at "Girly Heaven" :)

There is however a little saying (in true cliché fashion) that "what happens at tequila club, stays at tequila club" and so this quaint picture of some dainty cupcakes will have to do to curb your curiosity!

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